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Add Timeline Stories(Default)

After activation of Cool Timeline Pro, you will find a Timeline Stories tab inside your WP Dashboard menu items. Go to Timeline Stories > Add New. Here you can create a story for your timeline. Please check the screenshot below and follow these points while creating a story:-

*Story Year and Story Date must have same years otherwise there will be a timeline order error.

  1. You can select different icons for every timeline story.
  2. Select Date Based settings for date based timelines.
  3. Remember to select a story year and corresponding story date before publishing your story.
  4. Select any content-type – You show the image, video, and slide-show inside your story.
  5. Remember to select a featured image if you want to show the image as a content-type instead of video or slide-show.
  6. You can select a story category if you want to create multiple stories. You can differentiate your timelines based upon different categories.

Optional settings
  1. If you want to set external links on stories then just add your link in Story custom link settings.
  2. Set Custom Color on each story with the help of Stories Color Settings.
  3. If you would like to use own images icons instead of default Icons, then just select Image Icon and Check the Use Image Icon instead of font awesome icons settings.

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