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Create Vertical Timeline

You can easily Integrate Story Timeline using below-mentioned methods

  1. Just Copy Shortcodes from Demo website and Paste in your Page or Post.
  2. Using Shortcodes Generator.
  3. Gutenberg Timeline Story Block.
  4. Using Visual Composer Timeline Stories Addon.
  5. With the help of Elementor Addon.

You can easily Create Vertical Timeline Using Below mentioned Methods

With Gutenberg

For more details, Please check below mentioned shortcode settings table

With Default Classic Editor

For more details, Please check below mentioned shortcode settings table

Using Shortcode


August 10

Facebook Acquires Friendfeed

Facebook Acquires Friendfeed
A less popular services “Friendfeed” is acquires by Facebook. It was just a beginning of the great facebook network growth over the globe.
June 23

ConnectU Settlement – Facebook Paid $65M

ConnectU Settlement – Facebook Paid $65M
August 23

Acquires Facebook.com Domain Name

Acquires Facebook.com Domain Name
The domain facebook.com was registered officially on August 23, 2005 and the company even acquires the FB.com at later date,
February 4

“The Facebook” Launched By Mark Zuckerberg

“The Facebook” Launched By Mark Zuckerberg
Feburary 04,2004 was the day when Mark Zuckerberg launches “The Facebook”.

Shortcode Attribute/Settings Default Value Available Options Description
Timeline Categories category=”timeline-stories” Dynamic Categories List Create Category Specific Timeline (By Default – All Categories)
Timeline Layouts layout=”default” Select your Vertical Timeline Layout from a dropdown.
Timeline Designs designs=”default” View Demos and Choose your timeline layout design from these design.
Timeline skins skin=”default” Create Light, Dark or Colorful Timeline
Date Formats date-format=”default”
  • F j January 1 (F j)
  • F j Y January 1 2019 (F j Y)
  • Y-m-d 2019-01-01 (Y-m-d)
  • m/d/Y 01/01/2019 (m/d/Y)
  • d/m/Y 01/01/2019 (d/m/Y)
  • F j Y g:i A January 1 2019 11:10 AM (F j Y g:i A)
  • Y 2019(Y)
  • custom Custom
Select Timeline Stories dates custom formats.
Timeline Based On based=”default”
  • default For Date Based Timeline
  • custom For Custom Order based Timeline
Show either Story Dates or custom label/text along with timeline stories.
Stories Per Page show-posts=”10″ 10 You Can Show Pagination After These Posts In Vertical Timeline.
Pagination Settings pagination=”default”
  • default Default Numbered
  • ajax-load-more Ajax Load More
Choose your Vertical Timeline Layout Pagination Type.
Icons icons=”NO”
  • no
  • Yes
Display Icons In Timeline Stories. By default Is Dot.
Stories Description story-content=”short”
  • short: Display small description of timeline Stories
  • full:- Display Full Description with HTML of timeline Stories.
Timeline Stories content settings.If you would like to show HTML and All content on timeline.
Then just select a full option of content settings.
Stories Order order=”DESC”
  • DESC: DESC(2017-1900)
  • ASC:- ASC(1900-2017)
Timeline Stories order like:- DESC(2017-1900) , ASC(1900-2017)
Category Filters Settings filters=”no”
  • no
  • Yes
Compact Layout Date&Title position compact-ele-pos=”main-date”
  • main-date On top date/label below title
  • main-title On top title below date/label
This settings only work with Compact layout
Use these settings to change compact timeline layout date and title elements position
Animation animation=”none”
  • bounceInUp
  • bounceInDown
  • bounceInLeft
  • bounceInRight
  • slideInDown
  • slideInUp
  • bounceIn
  • slideInLeft
  • slideInRight
  • shake
  • wobble
  • swing
  • jello
  • flip
  • fadein
  • rotatein
  • zoomIn
Add Animations Effect Inside Timeline. You Can Check Effects Demo From Animate.css.
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