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Date Settings

    1. Disable Stories Dates: Setting this option to ‘Yes’ will hide the date on stories timeline.
    2. Stories Date Formats: Date format of the stories can be changed through this setting. It has various options from showing only “Month and date” to complete “month/date/year” format.
    3. Custom Date Formats: A user can provide its own custom date format to be replaced with default. A link for PHP manual is given under the settings to check and modify the provided link accordingly.
    4. Enable Custom Date Style: This setting enables/disable the custom font style for the date. Set the font style from below settings.
    5. Stories Date Font Style: Font size and other styles for stories date can be changed through this setting. The above setting ‘Enable Custom Date Styles’ must be set to ‘Yes’.
    6. Enable Custom Date Color: Enabling this setting will apply the custom font color for the stories date. Change the color from below setting.
    7. Stories Date Color: Change the stories date font color from this setting. The above setting “Enable Custom Date Color” must be set to ‘Yes’.

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