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General Settings


  • Timeline Title: To change the title of the timeline use this setting option.
  • Title Heading Tag: Here you can specify the HTML heading tag from the dropdown menu to change the heading tag of Timeline Title. 
  • Display Title: You can choose to show or hide the Timeline title by this option. 
  • Title Alignment: To change the default alignment from “center” to “left” or “right” use this option. 
  • Number of Stories to Display: This option is used to limit the number of stories to display in each view. Although, this setting is global but individual shortcodes can override this setting through the shortcode attribute. 
  • Content-Length: This option is used to specify the number of words to the story’s descriptions. 
  • Timeline Default Image: To add a particular logo or an image above the timeline use this option 
  • Stories Description: You can specify story description to show full content or short description using this option. This is a global setting but individual shortcodes can override this through shortcode attributes.
  • Display Read More: Choose whether to show the read more button or not when content Lenth is short.
  • Stories Read More Text: This is an extension of the “display read more” option. You can change the text from “read more” to anything you want from this option.
  • Stories Order (Desc ASC): To change the display order of a story from ascending to descending this option is used. This option is overridden by shortcode. 


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