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Stories Settings

    1. Custom Slug Of Timeline Stories: All cool timeline stories have their own URL slug. You can use this setting to change the URL slug according to your requirements or leave blank to use ‘timeline’ as default slug. Remember to save the permalink again in Settings -> Permalinks.
    2. Stories Images: When a timeline story has a featured image, this setting can be used to open the story image in a popup, new tab link or no click event on story image.
    3. Stories Slideshow: This setting is used to disable slideshow inside the stories. Note: Slideshow can be selected through ‘Story Format’ while creating/updating the timeline story.
    4. Show Go To Back Link: A ‘Go Back’ link is available on single story page if this setting is set to ‘Enable’.
    5. Go Back Link Text: Text for ‘Go Back’ link can be changed through this setting.
    6. Slider Animation: If story format is selected to ‘slideshow’, this setting is useful to select the desired animation for the slider.
    7. Slider Animation: Choose the slider animation speed from this setting. The value is considered as milliseconds so, 5000 as a value will be considered as 5000 = 5 seconds.
    8. Stories Default Icon: This setting is used to change the default icon for the stories. This default icon can be overridden through stories icon settings.

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