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Card Layout Shortcode

[cvct country-code="all" style="style-1" title="Global Stats" label-total="Total Cases" label-deaths="Deaths" label-active="Active Cases"  label-recovered="Recovered" bg-color="#DDDDDD" font-color="#000"]

Shortcode Attributes

S.NoShortcode AttributePossible Values
1.) country-code all/particular country eg:US,IN etc. (By default it show the all country data.)
2.)style style-1 / style-2 / style-3 / style-4 / style-5 / style-6 (You can select styles according to your choice)
3.)titleAny text here… (You Can Change the title name and by default it take Global Stats.)
4.)label-totalAny text here… (By Default, it set Total cases text)
5.)label-deathsAny text here… (By Default it set Deaths text.)
6.)label-activeAny text here… (By Default it set Active Cases text.)
7.)label-recoveredAny text here… (By Default it set New Recovered text.)
8.)bg-colorAny Color here… (Using this attribute You Can change background color.)
9.)font-colorAny Color here… (Using this attribute You Can change font color.)


Check Card Layout Live Demo:-

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