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Historical Charts

[cvct-historical-charts country-code="IN" theme="dark" days-data="17" title="India Cases" width="100" height="350" font-color="#ddd" label-cases="Case" label-deaths="Death" label-recovered="Recovered"]
S.NoShortcode AttributePossible Value
1) title  Any text here… (You Can Change the title name and by default,it set COVID-19 Spread Data.)
2) country-codeany country code here…(By default is shown Global data)
3)themedark/light… (By default it use the light theme)
4)days-dataany number of here…(By default shows 30 days data)
5)widthused for change chart width…(By default is set 100 )

6)height used for change chart height…(By default is set 350)
7)font-colorchange the font color of chart….(By default it set #dddd)
change the label of cases…( By default is set cases)
9)label-deaths change the label of cases…( By default is set death)
10)label-recovered change the label of cases…( By default is set recovered)

Front End Screenshot:-

Check Historical Chart Live Demo:-

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