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Download Plugin From Codecanyon

After your purchase, first download plugin from codecanyon. Visit – https://codecanyon.net/downloads & download your purchased plugin. Here you can download plugin zip files two ways either download “All files & documentation” or just download “Installable WordPress file only“. Remember if you download “All files & documentation” then you must unzip this file to grab main plugin, otherwise you can directly install “Installable WordPress file only” zip file inside your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add new.

Install via WordPress Admin (best plugin installation method)
  1. Login to WordPress Admin
  2. In the left menu panel go to Plugins >> Add New >> Upload to install plugin
  3. Click Upload
  4. Browse plugin zip file (make sure either select “Installable WordPress file only” plugin zip file or unzip full plugin pack to find main plugin zip file)
  5. Click Install Now & then activate plugin after installation.
Install via FTP Account
  1. Use your FTP software to browse to wp-content/plugins folder to install plugin
  2. Extract the main plugin zip file to their corresponding folders, for example crypto-ico-list-widget-pro.zip to crypto-ico-list-widget-pro and upload to the server
  3. Once it’s uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin, browse to Plugins >> Installed Plugins
  4. Click the Activate link below the plugin name
Update Plugin
  1. Deactive “Crypto ICO List Widget Pro” plugin.
  2. Delete old version of plugin after deactivation.
  3. Install new plugin by following above installation steps and activate it to enjoy new features & updates.
  4. **Always remeber to backup/export your data before updating a theme/plugin!

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