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After installation add below shortcode on any of your web-page to show crypto search box inside your website.

[ccsa ico-source="both" layout="medium" search-icon="true" placeholder="Search Coins / Exchanges / ICOs" coins-label="Coins" exchanges-label="Exchanges" ico-label="ICOs"]

Shortcode Attributes Information:

  1. ico-source = both / api / local (Show icos in search from API, local or both places.)
  2. layout = small / medium / large (Search box size adjustments.)
  3. search-icon = true / false (Show search icon in search box.)
  4. placeholder = Any text here… (Default text to show inside search box.)
  5. coins-label = Any text here… (Title to show above coins suggestion.)
  6. exchanges-label = Any text here… (Title to show above exchanges suggestion.)
  7. ico-label = Any text here… (Title to show above ICOs suggestion in ajax search.)

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