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Price Chart

  • Price Chart is used to generate a dynamic chart for CryptoCurrencies.
    1. Type
    2. Display CryptoCurrencies – This is a required field. You must select the currencies to display.
    3. Chart Type – Select the chart type which you want to use. There are three types of chart:-

      1. Default Chart – The default chart has a very simple design. It is only in USD currency.
      2. CryptoCompare chart – This chart is used to compare cryptocurrency. The price currency can be changed in this chart.
      3. CandleStick chart
    4. Chart Height(in px) – This setting is used if a user wants to change the chart height.
    5. Chart Color – Select the chart color which you want to apply.
    6. Custom CSS – This Setting is used if a user wants to Add CSS for a widget.
    7. Crypto Widget Live Preview – After publishing the page user can see a live preview for a widget in backend side.
    1. Add Shortcode– After Generate, the user can paste this shortcode anywhere in page/post/sidebar.

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