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Post Timeline Settings: Advanced

The advanced setting of the Post Timeline will enable you to control the post timeline in a more advanced and robust way.

  1. Image Size: It is used to set the size of the image in the post. There are 4 options available in this setting; Thumbnail, Medium, Large and full.
  2. Read More Button: This will display the “Read More” button in the post description, and will only available when the ‘Post Description’ is selected to ‘Summary’.
  3. Read More Button Text: This setting will let you customize the button text for “read more”. This is only available when the previous settings are enabled and ‘Post Description‘ is set to ‘Summary‘.
  4. Show Icon: All the icon displayed in the centerline of the timeline can hide from this setting.
  5. Select Icon: A bootstrap library icon can be selected through this setting. This setting is only available if the previous setting ‘Show Icon’ is set to ‘Show’.

11) Animations: This field will let you select an animation that runs over all the timeline post when the story shown on the page. Check the video below for a better understanding. Check the animated video below to see how the animation settings work.

Here is the video tutorial below that shows the plugin in action with all the advanced settings described above.

All the settings works similar for the horizontal layout.

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