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Post Timeline Settings: General

The post timeline general settings let you control over the timeline to display the posts of your choice in the timeline. The attached screen shows shows all the settings and their control over the timeline.

The general settings have five settings field in total. Let’s go through them one-by-one.

  1. Post Type: It will let you select the type of post you would like to show in the timeline.
  2. Categories: If you don’t want to show all the posts in the timeline, you can select a specific category of the post to show in the timeline.
  3. Tags: In this field, you need to add a tag related to the selected post and only those specific post who has such tags will be visible on timeline.
  4. Posts Per Page: This settings let you decide to choose the number of posts you want to show per page. Posts more than that will be shown in next page.
  5. Post Date: You can choose if you want to display the published date (the publish date of post) or custom date. Choosing custom date won’t work alone, you also need to provide the name of the field where custom date is added.
  6. Custom Meta Key: This field is only displayed when the previous field (Post Date) is selected to custom date. You need to enter the name of the field where custom date is added. In WordPress the custom fields are better known as Custom Meta Key.
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