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Story Timeline Settings: Content

This setting is actually more about adding and modifying the content (text, images etc) for timeline story. It also allows adding different media type like image, video and/or image slideshow.

Here is a screenshot below with all the content settings and their respective fields on the timeline:-

Now when you have already seen the settings on the above screenshot, let’s go through each settings in more details.

  1. Story Date/Label: The story date/label field is provided to add a date for the story. This makes more sense when you are creating a historical timeline or a timeline about events happening or has happened on a specific date. It is not mandatory though, you can use the date/label field for almost anything. The field support text and numeric so in case you are creating a timeline for your work/project team, you can use this field to add their name and designation.
  2. Sub Label: The sub-label field is just like the Story Date/Label field. It is there to provide some extra information you may not want to add with the story date/label. For example, in a timeline created for the team, the story date/label can be used as the member’s name and the sub-label field can be used as the designation. I’m sure you get an idea about it. This field support text and numerics same as the story date/label field.
  3. Story Title: As the name suggests; this field is used for adding the title of the story. You can also use it as an image caption or something similar. You can anything on this field but adding text will work best for most of the designs and layouts.
  4. Choose Media Type: Most of our designs show the image in the timeline but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice. You have multiple options to choose between. The Choose Media Type option helps you in this case to choose the media. There are three options available to add a media; i.e: Image, Video and slideshow. The first two options are self-explanatory, they let you add image and/or video through a URL. The last option is a slideshow. This slideshow option let you add multiple images in the single field and it will then create a slideshow with those images without any further configuration. The Choose Media Type option is actually very useful to create unique stories in a single timeline.
  5. Select Media: The Select Media option is connected to the previous option, Choose Media Type. This setting depends on your selection of media type in the previous option. You can select an image through this option if you have selected the media type as an image in the previous option. You can add a youtube video URL in the field if you have selected the media type video. In case you have selected the slideshow in the previous option, this option (Select Media) will let you select multiple images to create a slideshow. The slideshow is actually a clever way of adding multiple images without losing the charm of the current design.
  6. Description: This is the last option in the content settings. It will let you add a description of the story. This is more like content in the WordPress post. A classic editor is there to assist you with your content writing task. As you may already familiar with the classic editor, here you can add anything from simple text to HTML in the description field.

Before we move forward to a different setting panel, let’s have a glance on all the settings we have explained. The following video will present all the content settings and a timeline with changes.

In the next section, we’ll discuss the advanced settings in details and see how the different combination of settings can change the entire timeline with few clicks.

All settings works almost same for the horizontal layout but the elements have different position. Have a look at the screenshot below to understand all the settings for horizontal layout.

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