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Update Plugin

  1. In the left menu panel go to Plugins >> Installed Plugins and find Timeline Widget Addon Pro For Elementor from all plugins list
  2. Just click on Update Now Button.
  3. If you there is no update available at the moment, try clicking on “Update Check” button under the plugin description. This will check if there is any update available.


  1. This is a PRO (Paid) plugin and it requires a purchase code or license key to activate the pro features.
  2. An update feature of the plugin is also one of the pro features and it can not be used without activating the plugin with a valid license key.
  3. A user with Regular License can only activate the licence key one per domain (if not mentioned anything explicitly under any exclusive scheme).
  4. **Always remember to backup/export your data before making a plugin or theme update!
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