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What are Web Stories?

Formally known as AMP Stories, Web Stories are pages the size of a mobile screen with magazine-style layouts. Content includes large text with links to longer content, 15-second videos in portrait mode with captions, and images with captions. Web Stories is an open-source system and it’s free.They’re meant for use with mobile devices. They typically contain from 4 to 30 pages with 10 words per page. This is ideal for producing content in smaller bites. They’re a great way to provide interactive content that’s easy to use with one hand while having lunch, sitting on a subway, etc.

Why UseShortcodes For AMP Web Stories and Elementor Widget ?

The Web Stories plugin does not provide customizable methods  to render stories in your blog,cause of that many user face difficulty to using in there blog.we try to made this story plugin more user friendly by providing shortcode for the web story plugin and you can also used it with elementor website builder. It will made more customizable stories and easily you can show your favorite stories  just by adding a piece of code.

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