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How to add Conditions to Elementor Form Fields

You can easily add a conditions to form inside your Elementor Pro page. Just follow these steps:-

* Firstly, make sure you have Turned on the Conditional Logic feature in the WordPress Admin Panel >> Elementor >> Cool FormKit >> Form Elements Tab.

  • Search “Form” inside the Elementor widgets section.
  • It will create a form with the three default fields.
  • Click on the field which you want to add condition.
  • Click on the condition tab for the form field.
  • Enable the “Enable Conditions” switch.
  • Show Fields:- You have the option to show, hide, enable, and disable the field based on the condition.
  • Conditions Trigger:- Choose between All (AND) or Any (OR) for gate operations.
  • Field Id:- Enter the field ID on which you want to trigger the condition, you can also use dynamic tags at the right side of Field ID input, simply click on the field ID and it will put that ID inside the Field Id input for condition.
  • Operator:- Select operators for the comparison.
  • Value to compare:- Enter a value for comparison, if you have one for the field.

Lets, see a demo of how it works.

  • Like this, you can enable and disable for fields with conditions.
  • Can use multiple conditions with the click of “+ Add Condition” button.
  • For multiple conditions, you can use Conditions Trigger (All, Any) Like And, Or operator.