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Shortcode Settings

Shortcodes and Extra Settings

    1. Custom CSS :- Users Can apply custom CSS.Custom-Css-Option
    No Event Text
  1. no-events

    There are no upcoming events at this time

    Default Image
  2. select a default image, if no featured image for the event.

    Display category in templates
  3. Default Shortcode:-

    Shortcode Attribute:-
      1. template :- Using this attribute you can select 6 different templates.
      2. style :- Choose a style which you want to use with the template.
      3. category :- You Can display single category events or All Category events.
      4. date_format :- You Can select different date format.
      5. start_date,end_date :- Show events in between a date interval, add the date in this format – YY-MM-DD.
      6. limit :- show the number of events. eg:-10
      7. order:- Show events Asc Or Desc Order
      8. hide_venue :- If you want to hide venue then select yes otherwise no.
      9. time :- future (show future events), past (show past events).
      10. featured-only :- true (show only featured events.), false(show all events)
      11. columns :- 6 (number of columns in grid or carousel view.)
      12. autoplay :- true (autoplay slider in carousel or slider template), false( Not autoplay slider in carousel or slider template)
      13. tags :- tag-slug (* You can also add comma separated multiple tags – tag1,tag2,tag3)
      14. venues :- Filter data according to venue
      15. organizers :-Filter data according to organizers
      16. socialshare :- You can display social share button.
      17. Shortcode For Calendar Template :-
        [ect-calendar-layout date-format="d F Y" show-category-filter="true" limit="10"]

        Using above defined shortcode you can generate calendar.