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WordPress plugin for creating a timeline.

In our previous article, we have introduced the timeline and mentioned a few proven scenarios where creating a timeline on a website is more viewer engaging than creating an ordinary article. If a google search has dropped you here and you are unsure about what the timeline is and where you can use it. I […]

Why your website needs a Timeline.

You feel like home if you are already aware of what the timeline is and why people are using it on their websites. Even if you don’t know anything about the timeline, please keep reading and you’ll get a taste of it in no time. The timeline is an attractive way to represent something with […]

Create Workflow Timeline using Timeline Builder Pro

Creating a user engaging content is a must for any blogging website but even if you are not running a blogging website, you may still want to show your company’s achievements or history in a cool and appealing way. Displaying your website’s content in a timeline is one of the most appealing way these days. […]

Horizontal Timeline

This article is a part of timeline article series. If you want to know about the timeline and its possible usage, kindly read the previous article from here: How to create a horizontal timeline in Elementor? Using Elementor Timeline Widget Addon plugin, follow the below mentioned steps to create horizontal timeline:- In the Elementor’s search […]