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  • Version 3.4 | 24 May 2019

Improved: Performance improved in the main coin table and single coin page.

Improved: Page speed by reducing server requests.

Fixed: MySQL query bug.

  • Version 3.3.1 | 15 May 2019

Fixed: TitanFramework class not found

Fixed: crypto calculator not working when only calculator shortcode is added on page

  • Version 3.3 | 9 MAY 2019

Added: Integrated New Live Price API

Fixed: Wrong Live Price Bug

Improvement: Minor code improvements

Removed: 24 Hour live price changes

  • Version 3.2.1 | 9 APRIL 2019

Fixed: Plugin registration page does not load.
Fixed: Verification issues with valid purchase code.
Fixed: Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4‘, issues with the older version of MySQL.

  • Version 3.2 | 28 MARCH 2019

    Added: Verification System for Genuine product purchase.
    Added: Total Coin load settings for Coin List.
    Fixed: Color picker issue with Avada Theme.
    Fixed: Minor bug fixes.

  • Version 3.1.4 | 27 FEB 2019

Added:Added new shortcodes in coin details page and updated page name.
Fixed:Wrong color in live changes in other Fiat currency bug

  • Version 3.1.3 | 22 NOV 2018

    Added:-Integrated coins social link settings in control panel.
    Fixed:-Coin list Wrong coins rank bug.
    Fixed:-Top loser/gainer price formatting issue.

  • Version 3.1.2 | 20 October 2018

    Fixed:- Major coins table wrong sorting bug.

  • Version 3.1.1 | 18 October 2018

    Added:-Integrated new coin name and coin symbol shortcode.
    Added:-Integrated direct API call on coin page if crons don’t work.
    Fixed:-Crons in queue bug fixed.
    Fixed:-coins table missing data bug
    Fixed:-historical table missing data bug
    Fixed:-IE 9,IE 10 Compatibility
    Fixed:-CSS improvements
    Fixed:- updated missing coins links in new tab settings.

  • Version 3.0 | 11 October 2018

    Added:-Integrated Brand New API .
    Added:-Managed API data using custom database tables.
    Added:-Advanced cache system for handeling huge data. .
    Added:-Sitemap index to increase site indexation.
    Improved:-Boosted Overall performance and speed .
    Improved:-Complete code rewrite and optimized.
    Improved:-More user-friendly design for mobile/tablet devices.
    Improvements:Improved loading speed.
    Fixed:Minor JS fixes.

  • Version 2.9.1 | 27 August 2018
    Added:-Integrated brand new clean charts in coin lists.
    Fixed-:Minor JS fixes.
    Improvements:Improved styles.
    Improvements:Minor Code Improvements.
    Improvements:Improved loading speed.
  • Version 2.9 | 23 July 2018

    Added -: Added 100 new coins.
    Fixed -: fixed coins redirect issue
    Improvements -:Improved coin detail page chart loading speed and styles.
    Improvements -: Improved coins cache.
    Improvement-:improved Styles.

  • Version 2.8.3 | 19 July 2018

    Fixed :-:coin details page chart wrong data bug fixed/li>
    minor changes in chart layout
    Fixed :-: minor changes in chart layout.
    Improvements:-: updated chart text translation

  • Version 2.8.2 | 10 July 2018

    Fixed::-7 days, 24 hours column wrong sorting bug .
    Fixed :-canonical URL missing slash issue .
    Improvements:-Optimized coin chart loading speed.
    Improvements :- used cache data in chart.

  • Version 2.8.1 | 4 July 2018

    Fixed :-Live changes not working bug fixed .
    Fixed :-Top gainer/ Top losers links bug with other currencies .
    Improvements :-Updated main list small charts colors based upon 7-day changes.
    Updated:-Datatable integration on top gainer/ top losers table

  • Version 2.8 | 1 July 2018

    Added :-Integrated coin sitemap generation functionality .After generating sitemap users can submit sitemap URL to google for SEO optimization.
    Improvements :- Optimize all coin content and fixed missing information.
    Improvements :-Optimized coin single page loading speed.
    Updated:-Updated Ripple logo and content. And added XRP new logo.
    Fixed :-Coin historical table responsive issues.
    Improvements:-chart text translation.
    Improvements:-single page supply formatting.

  • Version 2.7.1 | 20 June 2018

    Added :-Integrated formatting settings for all prices and values.User can easily enable/disable formatting like:- Million/Billion etc.
    Added :-Translation support for coin single page chart text like:- zoom, from/to etc.
    Fixed :-Compatibility issue with PHP Version 5.2.
    Removed :-Single story page. We are now using WordPress default single page to show stories.
    Improvements :- Adding facebook scripts if the user has added Facebook comment shortcode in the single page.

  • Version 2.7 | 18 June 2018

    Added:-Integrated Bitcoin Price settings in select currency dropdown.And also added price in bitcoin in currency conversion dropdown.
    Added :-Added compatibility for CryptoCurrency Exchange List plugin.
    Fixed:-Fixed Major custom slug bug..
    Improvements:-Improved Turkish and Czech translations.
    Improvements:- Optimized all assets(JS/CSS).
    Improvements:-CSS improvements.
    Improvements:-Code Improvements.

  • Version 2.6.2 | 7 June 18

    Added:-Integrated Affiliate settings for other exchanges.
    Added :-Added translation for static text.
    Added :-Integrated settings for disabling API description on coin detail page.
    Fixed :-Top gainer/ losers other currency not working.
    Fixed :-price calculator with other currency not working properly.
    Improvements:-Removed Space from M/B text and added translation for Million and billion.
    Improvements:-Optimized Single page images.
    Improvements:-Improved Traslation.

  • Version 2.6.1 | 26 May 18

    Fixed :-coin market cap main table small chart blank bug fixing.
    Improvements:-Minor Improvements.

  • Version 2.6 | 21 May 18

    Added :-Integrated brand new coin SVG charts in the main list .
    Added :-Added Live Price for all currencies .
    Added :-Added alt attribute coin logos and price graph on main coin table.
    Added :-Integrated Cryptocurrency ID based search.
    Added :-Introduced filter hook for customization of the alt attribute.
    Improvements:-Minor style improvements.
    Improvements:-Improved page loading speed..
    Improvements:-Minor code improvements.

  • Version 2.5.1 | 11 May 18

    Fixed:-Fixed Top Losers/Gainers missing logos issue.
    Improvements:-Improved API request.
    Added:-Added ‘currency selector’ based on selected currency.
    Fixed:-Removed target=_blank from single page links in Top Losers/ Gainers.

  • Version 2.5 | 10 May 18

    Added:-Integrated ‘Change Coin Detail Page Slug’ setting to change the single page URL.
    Added:-Integrated Clear Cache setting to delete API’s cache.
    Added:-Integrated ten more fiat currencies(CNY,KRW,RUB,SGD,CLP,IDR,PKR,ZAR,MXN,NZD).
    Added:-Added more SVG coin logos.
    Added:-Integrated more currencies in the calculator.
    Added:-Added preloader screen in price chart on a single page.
    Added:-Translated in Spanish, Dutch.
    Fixed:-Fixed coin single page wrong URL bug.
    Improvements:Improved coin description settings. Now you can add ‘Shortcode’ in coin description.
    Improvements:Added all 1500 coins in coin description setting. Now you can add a description of your own in a single page for all the coins..
    Improvements:Improved Design of social links on a single page.
    Improvements:Improved calculator design.
    Improvements:-Minor code improvements

  • Version 2.4.1 | 17 April 18

    Added:-Integrated Changlly Affiliate Buy/Sell links on coin single page .
    Added:-Integrated settings for Referral id.
    Improvements:-Improved coin chart on coin single page.

  • Version 2.4 | 09 April 18

    Added :-Introduced Top Gainer/ Top losers shortcodes with 2 layouts (basic, Advance).[cmc-top type=”gainers” layout=”basic” show-coins=”10″] , [cmc-top type=”losers” layout=”advance” show-coins=”10″].
    Added :-Integrated currency Conversion filter on main coin table.
    Added :-Introduced CryptoCurrency Price Calculator shortcode.User can easily embed in coin single page or anywhere in the website[cmc-calculator].
    Added :-Integrated coin volume in coin single page chart.
    Fixed :-Fixed Breadcrumb currency icon bug.
    Improvements:-Fixed Breadcrumb currency icon bug.
    Improvements:-Minor code improvements.

  • Version 2.3.1 | 21 March 18

    Added:-Integrated Automatic Update Feature.After this update users can easily update plugin with one click.
    Fixed:-Fixed Minor CSS Bug on single page.

  • Version 2.3 | 20 March 18

    Added :Integrated Coin History section in coin single page.
    Added :Integrated coin twitter feed in coin single page.
    Added :Integrated coin information custom API’s for coin details like(Coin website/Social Links)etc.
    Added :Added Canonical URL settings for coin single page for better SEO.
    Added :Added coin link target settings (_blank/Self) in a settings panel.
    Fixed:Fixed Static down text problem from coin dynamic description section.
    Added :Added Custom API’s for coin logos and chart images.
    Improvements: Improved coin single page.
    Improvements: Minified CSS and JS files.

  • Version 2.2 | 14 March 18

    Added:-Added different-2 shortcodes for Charts,Coin Details,Facebook Comment etc.
    Added:Introduced new shortcode for coin single page.
    Added:Integrated Dynamic Title settings and feature.
    Added:Integrated dynamic description settings..
    Added:Introduced Dedicated section for coin description.
    Improvements:Optimized API’s calls.Fetching all coins data in single API’s.
    Updated:Added Currency attribute in global coin info shortcode.
    Fixed:Extra space with Full HTML option.
    Improvements:Improved coin single page .
    Improvements:Code Optimizations. .
    Improvements:Minor CSS improvements .

  • Version 2.1 | 10 March 18

    Updates:-Coin Market Cap updated coins logo and chart API’s.
    Fixed:-Fixed Major currencies logo missing problem.
    Fixed:-Fixed chart missing problem.

  • Version 2.0 | 08 March 18

    Added:-Introduced Live Price change feature.
    Added:-Create Coin market Cap in currencies(USD/EUR/GBP)etc.
    Added:-Integrated global market cap info section shortcode.
    Added:-Integrated new settings panel for details page and shortcode generator.
    Added:-Integrated multilingual compatibility and translated in (German, Italian, French, Turkish).
    Improvements:-Improved search added auto-suggestion and coin logos.
    Fixed:-Data table rows visibility issue fixed.
    Improvements:Upper Scroll Added.
    Added:-Integrated Coin description settings.
    Improvements:Created different-different shortcode for description and chart etc.
    Improvements:Improved Chart visibility

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