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Version 2.5.1 | 22 November 2023

Fixed: Deprected notice messages.
Removed: Deprecated Twitter feed widget.
Updated: Dashboard API.

Version 2.5 | 28 May 2022

Fixed: fontawesome library conflict
Fixed: Dashboard pro plugin missing data issue
Improved: License key functionality
Updated: New license script

Version 2.4| 11 April 2022

Fixed: Major security issue.
Fixed: Uninstall license key issue.
Fixed: PHP post notice error.

Version 2.3| 9 March 2022

New: License key security check for ICO logo update.
Fixed: Sitemap wrong url issue.
Added: Button to download/update ICO logo.
Added: PHP post notice error.

Version 2.1 | February 28, 2022

Added: Compatibility with Rank Math Plugin
Improvement: Sanitization & esacaping of all functions

Version 2.0 | January 5, 2022

New: Added Delete Cache button(delete al ICOs cache)
Improvements: Saved all ICOs single page data
Improvements: Improved overall code

Version 1.9 | December 24, 2021

New: ICO new API integration
Improvements: Managed plugin folder structure
Improvements: Improved overall code
Fixed: Fixed compatibility issues with php version 8

Version 1.7 | November 18, 2020

Added: Dashboard page for showcasing all crypto plugins at one place.
Optimized: PHP code for better performance with the cache.
Fixed: Minor JS issues.

Version 1.6.5 | September 30, 2020

Fixed: Wrong permission for the registration page.
Removed: SSL Verification for API
Fixed: Incorrect URL in admin settings
Updated: Russian translation.
Fixed: CMB2 bugs.

Version 1.6.4 | December 11, 2019

Fixed:- PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘cool_plugins_extras’ not found.

Version 1.6.3 | December 02, 2019

Fixed:- “headers already sent” error.

Version 1.6.2 | November 11, 2019

Improved: Changed sitemap files path from plugin directory to WP uploads directory.

Integrated: “Not Interested” button in review box.

Version 1.6.1 | August 09, 2019

Integrated: Genuine license verification system.

Version 1.6 | May 28, 2019

Fixed: Minor javascript issue.

Version 1.5 | April 09, 2019

Fixed: Plugin registration page does not load.
Fixed: Verification issues with the valid purchase code.
Fixed: Unknown character set: ‘utf8mb4‘, issues with the older version of MySQL.

Version 1.4.1 | January 28, 2019

Fix:- ICO single page conflict with Elementor page builder

Version 1.4 | January 01, 2019

Added:- Managed ICO data in Custom database table
Added:- Better mechanism for ICO single API Data
Added:- New single list design.
Added:- Custom fonts for better design.
Added:- Missing translation for newly added words.
Fixed:- Design issues for various themes.
Fixed:- Element not working with single ICO page.
Fixed:- ‘Removed ICO’ does not work in some cases.
Fixed:- Rating message does not disappear.
Fixed:- CSS issues with
Improved:- Cache mechanism for a performance boost.
Improved:- Overall layout design.
Improved:- Multi-Sitemap for better indexing in a search engine(s).
Improved:- Various translations.
Removed:- Old cache mechanism

Version 1.3 | August 30, 2018

Added:- Disable ICO options to remove any ICO from API list.
Added:- Automatic plugin update.
Added:- Sitemaps for SEO submissions.
Fixed:- False ‘No data is available’ message bug.
Fixed:- JS conflict for Bootstrap 4.
Fixed:- Design issues with themes using Bootstrap 4.
Fixed:- Incorrect URL issue on the ‘View More’ button in the main ICO list.
Fixed:- Missing canonical URL.
Improved:- Compatibility for Bootstrap 4 and backward compatibility with Bootstrap 3.

Version 1.2 | August 17, 2018

Fixed:- ICO detail page Wrong Year bug fix.

Version 1.1 | August 14, 2018

Improvement:- Minor styles changes