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Edit The ICO

You can also edit the live API ICO by copying all its content to the WordPress back-end. We have made this process super easy. Follow the steps below to edit the live API ICO.

    1. Visit the page where you have displayed the main ICO list and click on the ICO you want to edit.
Screenshot: ICO main list generated by a shortcode.
  1. An ICO detail page will be open with all the availabe details of the ICO. Click on ‘Edit’ button to edit this ICO
    Screenshot: ICO details single page.

    Important: The ‘Edit’ button is only visible for wordpress admin. You need to login into wordpress back-end to use this functionality.

  2. You will be redirected to the WordPress back-end where all the ICO fields are already filled. Only edit the required information and leave all other data unaltered.
    Screenshot: ICO details edit page.

    Important: Do not edit the ICO ID. Editing the ICO ID will treat the ICO as completely different ICO and will not change/replace any existing ICO.