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General Options

Payment Address:-

Default payment address in which payment will received when order will completed.

Currency Conversion API:-

Currently there are two API are used to convert fait price inti cryptocurrency.
2) Binance + Openexchangerates

Enable Refund:-

By enabling this option you will able to refund your user by using MetaMask Wallet.
Note: Only order payed by Pay with MetaMask For Woo Commerce pro will be refunded by this option

Payment Confirmation:-

You can add custom message for user when they confirm order payment.

Payment Processing:-

You can add custom message for the user when the payment is in process state.

Payment Success:-

You can add custom message message for the user when the payment is successfully completed.

Payment Success Status:-

Select order status when the user placed the order successfully.

Redirect Success Order:-

You can add any custom URL here, user will redirected to the mentioned page after the successful order, if you leave this field empty user will stay on the same will success order message.