WordPress plugin for creating a timeline.

In our previous article, we have introduced the timeline and mentioned a few proven scenarios where creating a timeline on a website is more viewer engaging than creating an ordinary article. If a google search has dropped you here and you are unsure about what the timeline is and where you can use it. I encourage you to read the previous article first from here.

Now, let’s talk about some of the plugins we can use to create such beautiful timelines we already talked on our previous article. There are many plugins to create a beautiful timelines and every plugin has something unique to offer than the rest of the available plugins. We are going to cover few of such plugins and specifically tells you about their unique features which makes them different from others.

So, let’s starts with one of the cool plugins available in wordpress.org

Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline is one of the most downloaded timeline plugin in the wordpress.org. This plugin is actively trusted by more than 10K users and has more than 200K all-time downloads. There are four different layouts you can choose from to create a timeline and have smooth animation to make your content looks more interesting.

The WordPress itself has improved so much from its first release and that advancement bought us, Gutenberg. Well, the best part of the cool timeline is that its developers keep their users up-to-date with the technology. You can find a Gutenberg instant builder to create a timeline with a few clicks. You can check these Gutenberg specific demos to know more about it. But supporting the Gutenberg doesn’t mean that the famous classic editor is left behind the scene. The Cool Timeline still supports the Classic editor and you can use the shortcode builder in the classic editor to add a timeline on any post or page. The plugin also has a premium version packed with much-advanced functionality. The premium version; Cool Timeline Pro has already impressed more than 6K people on codecanyon.net. You may want to check that out too on codecanyon.net

Timeline Widget Addon for Elementor

As its name indicates, the Timeline Widget Addon for Elementor is actually an addon plugin for Elementor. It lets you create timelines while checking the preview at the same time. Updating the timeline preview in real-time enables you to create the best ever looking timeline without switching the page. The plugin already has different layouts you can select and different combinations of colour let you create a unique timeline every time for your website. If you have already setup your website with Elementor, installing Timeline Widget Addon for Elementor is the only thing you need to create a timeline. You can check here all the demos for Timeline Widget Addon for Elementor.

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