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Price Block

    1. Type:- Select “Price Block” in Type option for Price Block Widget.

    1. Designs:- Available Five Styles are:-
      • Style 1 (Accordion)
      • Style 2 (Rank Block)
      • Style 3 (Clean Block)
      • Style 4 (Simple Block)
      • Style 5 (Big Block)
    2. Select Column:- Users can select these numbers of columns 1,2,3,4 and 6.
    3. Chart Color:- Users can easily customize Chart background color.
    4. Enable Chart Background Color:- This option is only for Price Block- Style 1(accordion).
      Enable it only if you would like to fill Background Color in Chart.
    5. Disable Bootstrap:- This option is for Style 2(Rank Block), Style 3(Clean Block) and Style 4(Simple Block).

Note: In case the option ‘Disable Bootstrap‘ is enabled. The layout columns needs to be managed manually.

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