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  1. Type:- Select Ticker in Type option for Ticker Widget.

  2. Designs:- The below mentioned Five Designs of Ticker are available. You can see these designs in a given screenshot.
    • Style 1 ( With Tool-Tip)
    • Style 2 ( Without Tool-Tip)
    • Style 3 ( With 7D Chart)
    • Style 4 ( Large Ticker)
    • Style 5 ( Large Ticker + 7D Chart )
  3. Where Do You Want to Display Ticker? :- Three options are available. If you have selected Header or Footer then no need to add a shortcode for that widget. Add shortcode in your Page/Post/Sidebar only if you have selected ‘Anywhere‘ in this option.
    • Header
    • Footer
    • Anywhere
  4. Speed of Ticker:- User can control the speed of ticker through this option. Low-Value results in high speed (Low value = high speed).
  5. Disable from Pages (Page id’s):- In case users do not want to display ticker in some pages then a user can disable ticker from those pages, just enter the page ids.
  6. Enable Live Changes:- Enable it if you want to show Live price changes in the ticker.
  7. Disable Ticker in Mobile:- Check this option if you do not want to display Ticker in Mobile.
  8. Display Changes:- Select if you want to display 24Hour % changes in price.
  9. Font Color:- Users can easily customize Font color in Ticker widget in any design.