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Post Timeline

Post Timeline is actually a custom post for Timeline Widget Addon Pro For Elementor. There are certain situations when you already have few posts in your WordPress setup and you want to create a timeline using those existing posts, using Post Timeline you can use your existing post for creating a timeline without creating everything from start again.

In the following video, we are going to show you the easiest way to create a timeline without creating any new content.

Available Layouts :-

Similar to the Story Timeline, Post Timeline also offers thee layout with three different designs. Keep reading to know more about them.

1) Vertical Right/Left Layout : All the posts are displayed alternatively on left and right side of the timeline.

2) Vertical Right Only Layout : A Timeline appears with all the post at the right side of the timeline.

3) Horizontal TimeLine Layout : All the posts are visible side by side and can be slide on either direction using navigation button. This layout is more like an image slider.

Timeline Content Query:

These settings can be useful for customizing overall display of the timeline. Here you can change and create a completely different timeline with the combination of available options. Below is a video tutorial showcasing the advance settings for post timeline.

In next couple of sections, we have described these settings field in much details.


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