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General Settings

  • Stories Read More Text: This is an extension of the “display read more” option. You can change the text from “read more” to anything you want from this option.
  • Open read more link in: Choose whether to show the read more link in same tab or in new tab
  • Stories Default Icon: To change the default icon for the stories. This default icon can be overridden through stories icon settings.
  • Stories Images: Featured image of a story can open as a popup or in a new tab
  • Stories Slideshow: You can enable slideshows in your story timeline.
  • Disable Font Awesome CSS: This option will remove Font awesome icon CSS from all pages. 
  • Disable Google Font: To remove google fonts CSS  from all pages.
  • Disable Slideshow in Vertical Layout : Remove Swiper JS And CSS from all pages.