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Style Settings

 With cool Timeline Pro, you can easily change the color of your newly created story timeline in no time. Cool Timeline Pro provides you access to change the colors of your story timeline with its highly effective style settings.

To access settings Goto Timeline Addons >> Timeline Settings >> Style settings

  • Vertical Timeline Stories Starts From: This option is used to change First Story position in vertical timelines. 
  • Timeline Background: This is the background color of the main container of the story timeline. When the Timeline Background is turned on you can change its color. 
  • Story Background Color: This gives you access to change the color of all background stories. 
  • Content Font Color: Changes the font color of the story description. 
  • Story Title Color: The color for the title of the story content can be selected from this setting. 
  • Circle Color: This is used to change the background color of the timeline circle where the stories’ year is visible. 
  • Line Color: It is used to change the color of the line through which each timeline story is connected. 
  • First Color & Second Color: You can change the color of the heading title of alternative stories here. The first color denotes all the “even” numbered stories and the second color denotes all the “odd” number stories. 
  • Enable Custom Date Color: Enable this setting to apply the custom font color for the story’s date. 
  • Stories Date Color: This is an extension of Custom Date Color options, enable that option to use this setting. This will change the story’s date font color from this setting.  

NOTE: These settings are not secured by any intelligent color schemes. Kindly use the right color combination to keep the readability of the timeline stories.